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Black and Still Here
by Jeffrey Dean Swain J.D.


ISBN: 0-9722175-0-9
quality trade paperback (softcover)
Pages: 267

Price: $19.95    

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Jeffrey Dean Swain has written a series of essays. Each hinges upon a quotation about race that serves as a springboard for discussion. The essays are meant to provoke thought, not just about the issue of race but also about the culture that continues to downplay racism's ill effects. A real discussion of race is worthy of time.

Much has yet to be said about the worldwide struggle of people of the African Diaspora. The story has not yet been fully told. We, who have lived and do live in this racial phenomenon, must frame the discussion. This cannot be left to anyone alse. Moreover, these essays are meant to challenge silence. Silence in the face of evil is complicity. I cannot be silent any longer.

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About the Author

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Jeffrey Dean Swain is an anomaly, a renaissance man. he is a scholar, essayist, educator, orator, poet and author of Black and Still Here, A World of Color, Education in America: A Dilemma in the 21st Century and A Soul Unsettled, books on education, race, politics and culture. The diversity of his work indicates his interest in the development of knowledge about the African Diaspora.

Jeffrey is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Morehouse College and holds the degrees of Master of Science and Juris Doctor, respectively from Nova Southeastern University and the University of Miami School of Law. He is presently a Ph.D. candidate. His professional career has included the practice of law, teaching and educational administration. Jeffrey is an avid reader who owes his love for books to his late father Rev. Prince Albert Swain and his high aspirations to his mother Frances Swain.

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