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Carambola: Life & Times

by Stephen D. James Sr.
From music to romance to college at night to the court system and retirement and now my life abroad is a whole new trail to blaze. Join in the adventures of Caranbola.

A Gift of Poetry

by Dr. Sandra Billingslea
Sandra opens up to let others see inside her world around her. People will know the passion she feels during projects and encounters.

Journey Awakened

by Mr. Jay Foster
Under his pen name, Awakened, Jay Foster's poetry focuses on the inner self and the influences that guide one's actions.

When Morning Comes

by Dr. Steve Gallon III
Gallon provides an intricate look at a place that very few choose to go, and a discussion on issues that even fewer care to know or talk about. He also takes you deep inside of a man grappling with the dynamics surrounding the senseless and violent loss of life of many of his childhood friends, while serving witness to similar loss of lives among his students -- which are too many to name -- in the same community nearly two decades later.

The Poetry Café for Women

by Jeffrey Dean Swain J.D.
Jeffrey lets the world see his passionate love for and admiration of women. Men will find this book enlightening. Women will see in it an acknowledgment of the truths they've always known.

Photo Para Princessa

by Mr. W. Bill Williams
Princess Photos as inspired by a father’s love for his daughter and the beauty that surrounds her.

Building Eager Esteem

by Dr. Sandra Billingslea
A book written to help build success, productivity and social skills in students.

S.O.A.P.: Speaking Out About Problems

by Dr. Sandra Billingslea
To clean up problems in your life, use S.O.A.P: Speaking Out About Problems.

Education in America

by Jeffrey Dean Swain J.D.
Education in America represents a detailed look at the double standard in public education that prepares minority children for failure.

The Soul Unsettled

by Jeffrey Dean Swain J.D.
A wide range of human emotions are expressed in three major areas: life, politics and love.

The Principalship

by Dr. Steve Gallon III
The Principalship is the heart-wrenching, compelling tale of Darryl Gilliam’s principalship experience. It represents an opportunity to tell, through the experiences of Principal Gilliam, a “story” of today’s school principal, both the tribulations and the triumphs.

Black and Still Here

by Jeffrey Dean Swain J.D.
A series of essays. Each hinges upon a quotation about race that serves as a springboard for discussion. The essays are meant to provoke thought...

A World of Color

by Jeffrey Dean Swain J.D.
Using poetry and prose, Swain adds here to the tale of African Diaspora. Swain weaves together data, history, narrative, and social analysis into a framework for constructive, insightful commentary.
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