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A Gift of Poetry
by Dr. Sandra Billingslea


ISBN: 0-9779489-1-9
quality trade paperback (softcover)
Pages: 29

Price: $10.00    

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In A Gift of Poetry, Sandra opens up to let others see inside her world around her. People will know the passion she feels during projects and encounters with others. You will feel and see yourself in some of the lines and words and be able to shed a tear or utter a word as acknowledgements to the truth as the days and nights descent. Enjoy!
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About the Author

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Sandra Foster Billingslea is a radiant human being, a passionate woman. She is a scholar, educator, poet, and author of Building Eager Esteem (BEE), Speaking Out About Problems, and A Gift of Poetry, books on the importance of motivating different cultures about education, problem-solving, and a personal touch of how her world is seen around her through poetry.

Sandra is a Phi Delta Kappa graduate of Bethune-Cookman College and holds the degrees of Master of Social Work and Doctor of Education, respectively, from Nova Southeastern University and the Barry University. Her professional career has included social work, teaching and taking care of business. Sandra enjoys playing golf, listening to music, and surfing the Internet. Sandra is a motivator who owes her love for aspiring to high achievements to her father, Elder Lawson Foster, Jr., and her mentor, mother, Missionary Rosa Lee Foster.

Professionally, Dr. Billingslea holds a number of positions. She is the former president of the Miami-Dade County School Social Workers Association; she is owner and founder of Mel-San Enterprises, LLC., a business consulting firm; she is the publicist for Jeffrey Dean Swain and Juris Doctor Publications, having overseen the production of four books; and she is an adjunct Professor of Education at Nova Southeastern University. She is also a former Social Worker and Teacher for the Year for Miami Dade County Public Schools.

However, Dr. Billingslea's great love is the betterment of the lives of children. She works tirelessly to show children that their limits are greater than they know. Through her work at Dorothy M. Wallace COPE Center, she founded the SOAP Program and the Building Eager Esteem (BEE) Club as vehicles for the growth and development of teen mothers. Here, she seeks to make these programs available to all students.

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